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            Education Bug - a complete listing of educational resources

            PreK thru 12 Choices

            A collection of articles on education choices for preschoolers, kindergartners, elementary students, and secondary students. Choices for PreK through Grade 12 include public schools, private schools, 江苏快3开奖结果三schools, charter schools, magnet schools, concurrent enrollment in college courses, and after school programs.

            PreK thru 12 Choices Articles

            Private Schools Pros and Cons
            Private schools and public schools have advantages and disadvantages. When comparing public school vs. private school weigh the pros and cons of both. This article also reviews the pros and cons of private boarding schools.

            Public School vs 江苏快3开奖结果三 School
            Public School or 江苏快3开奖结果三 School, Which is Right for You? Our comparison of public school versus 江苏快3开奖结果三 school may help you decide the best option for your child. Keep reading to discover the pros and cons of public vs. 江苏快3开奖结果三 school.

            The Facts about Getting a GED
            Are you considering taking the General Education Development, also known as GED, test? Is a high school diploma better than a GED? Read this article to find out the pros and cons of a GED and the facts about getting a GED.

            Start College Classes While in High School
            For some students, starting college classes while in high school can enrich the high school experience. High school students may be able to take classes at the local college or university, either on campus or through online education classes. This article provides an overview.

            Choosing a Private School
            Choosing a private school can be a difficult decision. Parents need to know what questions to ask when choosing a private school to make sure the private school will be a good fit and meet their child's educational needs.

            Types of Private Schools
            There are a number of different ways to consider the types of private schools that may be a good fit for your child. Here are some ways to categorize and consider your choice of types of private schools.

            Extra Curricular Activities For 江苏快3开奖结果三schoolers
            Extracurricular activities may mean something different for 江苏快3开奖结果三schoolers than it does in a school setting. This article reviews types of extracurricular activities for 江苏快3开奖结果三schools including field trips, lessons, and 江苏快3开奖结果三schooling activities.

            CoEd or Single Sex Education
            Will you choose coed or single sex education? Both coed and single sex schools have pros and cons. How do the two types of schools compare? In this article find different factors to consider when choosing between single-sex and coed private schools.  

            What is a Boarding School
            A boarding school is an academic setting that includes education, room, and board,  for at least some students. There may also be day students, who travel to and from the campus on a daily basis, as well as the students who board at the school.

            School Vouchers
            In the current climate of concern over the shortcomings of the public education system, school vouchers are a topic that has stirred a lot of heated debate. This article reviews the pros and cons of school voucher programs.

            After School Programs
            After school programs are designed to provide safety and educational opportunities for students. This article reviews the benefits of after school programs, as well as types of after school programs.

            Private Schools vs. Charter Schools
            First article in series on school comparisons - private schools vs. charter schools. Find the characteristics of each and pros/cons. Is a charter school or private school right for your child? Also view statistics on charter and private schools.

            Public Schools vs. Charter Schools
            This article explains the relationship of public schools and charter schools. If you are considering sending your child to a public or charter school, read this article to learn more about public schools in general and charter schools in particular.

            Public Schools vs. Private Schools
            Third in our school comparison series on Public Schools versus Private Schools. If you are having difficulty deciding between sending your child to a public school or a private school, this article has information to assist with your decision.

            Public School vs. Christian School
            How do Christian schools compare to public schools? If you are trying to decide between public school versus a Christian school then this article can help. Find pros and cons of both Christian and public schools here.

            Pros of 江苏快3开奖结果三schooling
            There are many things to consider when deciding whether to 江苏快3开奖结果三school. In this article we will review the pros of 江苏快3开奖结果三schooling. Another article will review the cons of 江苏快3开奖结果三schooling. Then you can decide if 江苏快3开奖结果三schooling is best for you.

            Cons of 江苏快3开奖结果三schooling
            江苏快3开奖结果三schooling can be a rewarding experience for families. We recently reviewed the pros of 江苏快3开奖结果三schooling; this article details the cons of 江苏快3开奖结果三schooling. Consider both the pros and cons of 江苏快3开奖结果三schooling before deciding.

            GED vs. High School Diploma
            Is a general education diploma (GED) comparable to a high school diploma? This article reviews requirements for a GED vs. high school diploma, new changes coming to the GED, and how a GED compares to a high school diploma.

            Magnet Schools
            Magnet schools are one of the many choices available to parents in some areas for their child’s education. A magnet school is a public school with a specific focus, such as science or performing arts. Read more about magnet schools in this article.

            Charter Schools
            Many parents want more choices in their children’s education, and charter schools are a relatively recent innovation in public schools meant to address that concern.  The pros and cons to charter schools are explored in this article.

            Concurrent Enrollment
            There are several different types of opportunities for concurrent enrollment of high school students in college courses. This article will review some of the most popular options for concurrent enrollment to help you see which might fit your needs.

            Charter Schools vs. Magnet Schools
            Charter schools and magnet schools are similar in some ways and different in others. This article defines what a magnet school is and what a charter school is, and compares the popularity of charter schools vs. magnet schools.

            Public School Ratings
            Public school ratings are an important element of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act. This article has an overview of public school ratings, examples of school plans, and statistics on public school ratings.

            Advantages of Public Schools
            When comparing 江苏快3开奖结果三schools, private schools, and public schools, it is important to look at the pros and cons of all of them. This article reviews the advantages of public schools compared to private schools or 江苏快3开奖结果三schools.

            Against 江苏快3开奖结果三school
            What are some of the arguments against 江苏快3开奖结果三school instruction? This article looks at some of the “cons” in the arguments and explains the thinking behind them. Even if you're pro 江苏快3开奖结果三schools, it can be useful to see what others are thinking. Read on to learn more...

            Christian Schools
            One could categorize Christian schools into three groups: private sectarian Christian schools affiliated with a particular denomination; private Christian schools that embrace Christianity broadly; and 江苏快3开奖结果三schools that reflect the Christian beliefs of their participants. This article provides an overview of Christian schools.

            School Choice Debate
            The debate about school choice is a complicated issue. School choice is a multi-faceted cluster of education reform items. Keep reading for an overview of the arguments.

            How to Find a Preschool
            Searching for a preschool can be more complicated that you might expect. Admissions policies may mean that you have to seek a school well in advance, in some cases, hunting for a school for a child who is only a year old. Second, preschool tuition can be tens of thousands of dollars in some areas, New York City, for example. This article will help clarify the realm of the preschool search.

            Early Childhood Education
            Early Childhood Education, abbreviated ECE, refers to educational programs for young children. In some cases, it refers to children who are not yet legally required to be in school, and in this case it may be called preschool education or prekindergarten education. This article reviews the basics of Early Childhood Education.

            Vocational Classes in High School
            Vocational classes focus on teaching a skill or trade that can be used to prepare for college or a career. Taking vocational classes in high school is a good way to get a jump start on your future, whether it be finding a job or continuing your education.

            What Is School Ranking?
            School ranking is carried out by various organizations in order to allow parents and others to judge and compare the quality of schools. This articles explains the basics of school ranking.

            Secular vs. Sectarian Schools
            One way of categorizing kinds of schools is by whether they are secular (sometimes called non-sectarian) or sectarian. This article explains some of the key differences.

            Private Preschool vs. Public Preschool
            Why do people prefer private or public preschools? Here is some information on the pros and cons of private and public preschools for your child.

            What Is the GED?
            GED stands for "General Education Development" test offered through each state's education system. This article explains what the GED is and provides useful sources for people seeking a GED or considering doing so.

            Preschool Benefits
            Some parents might see preschool as an unnecessary part of their child's education and instead would rather just wait until Kindergarten for them to start receiving a formal education, while other parents might relish the opportunity of sending their child to preschool for a variety of reasons. There are many pros and cons to preschool and a lot also goes into finding the right preschool for your child. Keep reading to find out more about preschool and ideas for what is best for your child.  

            Montessori vs Waldorf
            Montessori and Waldorf are two very popular private school for K-12. When comparing Montessori vs. Waldorf we found some interesting differences. Keep reading to learn about Montessori and Waldorf preschool, private school, and 江苏快3开奖结果三school options.

            Alternative Education
            Are you looking for alternative education? Traditional public school is not always the best fit for every student. Whether you want a public school, specialty school, military school, or other keep reading to learn what alternative education options are available.

            Early Childhood Education Statistics
            This article includes early childhood education statistics for preschool children taught by their parents and those involved in early childhood education program. These statistics from the U.S. Department of Education Institute offer insight to the pros and cons of both forms of early childhood education.

            Head Start Program Review
            Before you enroll your preschool-age child, it might be a good idea to do a Head Start program review on your local head start program to determine if your child will be a good fit for the program. In the U.S. governmental Head Start program review, new methods of running the program seem to be effective.

            Online High School Classes
            Online high school classes are becoming a popular alternative way for students to obtain a high school diploma.This article compares traditional high school vs. online high school education programs, and offers the pros and cons of taking virtual high school classes.