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            Education Bug - a complete listing of educational resources

            Other Learning Areas

            A collection of articles offering subject information for areas other than math, language arts, social studies, and science, including physical education, character education, and sex education.

            Other Learning Areas Articles

            Creating Extra Curricular Activities
            There are a variety of ways to expand extracurricular activity opportunities at a private school. A good first step is to identify the kinds of extracurricular activities that are desired, and we provide some popular choices for you to consider. When you know what you want, our tips for get the extracurricular activities up and running can help.

            Independence: The First Day of School
            The first day of school can be scary for a child and stressful for parents. The child has a new routine and new people to get used to. Help prepare your child for the first day of school by teaching independence.

            Changes to Expect When Your Child Starts School
            Starting school means several changes in a child's life. Even the start of 江苏快3开奖结果三schooling brings change. This article gives information on what changes to expect when your child starts school, and how to handle the changes.

            Preparing Your Child: Social Skills
            Preparing your child for school means more than preparing them to learn certain subjects. The social environment at school is likely to be different from 江苏快3开奖结果三. This article provides tips on preparing your child socially for attending school.

            Simple Educational Card Games
            Simple educational card games can teach important skills for school. While playing educational games you can teach numeracy skills, matching, counting, comparing, social skills, and manners. This article explains how to teach and play.

            Learning Games for Preschoolers
            Learning games for preschoolers can help prepare children for school. This article introduces games that can be played without requiring any set-up or materials as well as those that require materials or equipment, all designed for preschool education.

            Sex Education
            How should sex education be handled? What should the content of sex education include? Should sex education be taught in school? What age should sex education be taught?  This article addresses these questions.

            江苏快3开奖结果三school Art
            江苏快3开奖结果三school art can be a challenge. This article provides first steps in planning your 江苏快3开奖结果三school art curriculum, including information on using the national standards in planning 江苏快3开奖结果三school art curriculum. Keep reading for more 江苏快3开奖结果三school art.

            Study Habits
            It pretty much goes without saying that good study habits are important to success in high school and college. But that doesn’t mean they’re easy to acquire. How do you develop good study habits? Read on for some hints.

            江苏快3开奖结果三school Health and Nutrition Curriculum
            A 江苏快3开奖结果三school health and nutrition curriculum is an essential part of any 江苏快3开奖结果三school program. Find out what the national standards are for health and nutrition curriculum. Also, read some tips for teaching your kids about health and nutrition.

            Character Education
            What is character education and how does character education take place? These are the two main questions answered in this article. Changes in legislation may effect how much focus is put on character education in the future. Read on to learn more….

            江苏快3开奖结果三school Bible Studies Curriculum
            This article discusses different approaches to developing a curriculum for the study of the Bible. Many people choose to 江苏快3开奖结果三school their children in order to teach them the Bible, but even 江苏快3开奖结果三schoolers who are not religious can benefit from Bible studies.

            江苏快3开奖结果三school Physical Education
            This 江苏快3开奖结果三school physical education article provides information concerning standards, opportunities, and supplies you will need for 江苏快3开奖结果三school physical education. It also discusses 江苏快3开奖结果三school physical education in the context of family life.

            Physical Education
            In this article the nature of physical education and the 6 national standards for physical education curriculum are explained. Read this article for more information on physical education and why it is important.

            江苏快3开奖结果三school Foreign Language
            Wondered how you could go about teaching foreign language in your 江苏快3开奖结果三school? Read on for information to help you get started teaching 江苏快3开奖结果三school foreign language. Learn about communication, culture, connections, comparisons, and more.

            江苏快3开奖结果三school Psychology
            江苏快3开奖结果三school Psychology may pose a particular problem in 江苏快3开奖结果三schooling because - unlike most other courses - its availability in high schools is recent and many parents who are 江苏快3开奖结果三schooling have never taken it themselves. This article suggests several options parents can follow in order for their child to obtain credit for 江苏快3开奖结果三school Psychology.

            Preschool Curriculum
            Preschool curriculum can be very diverse, ranging from the basics to intensive foreign language immersion. This article is an overview of basic preschool curriculum types and some tips for learning more about other, more intensive, curriculum options.

            Cognitive Learning
            Cognitive learning is a different type of learning that provides children with the means of knowledge; the acquisition of knowledge and skill by mental or cognitive processes. For example, cognitive learning is creating mental representations of physical objects or events.

            Mastery Learning
            Mastery learning is a type of learning method that focuses on the idea that just about any child can learn if they are learning within the right environment. The idea behind mastery learning is that children should not move on to another subject until they have mastered a current topic.

            Adult Learning Theory
            When it comes to learning and education, it is important to recognize that learning continues throughout a person's entire life, which is where adult learning theory comes into play. Adult learning theory stipulates that adults continue to learn through real-world experiences.

            Social Development Theory
            When it comes to other learning areas, Social Development Theory is one that needs to be explored. Social Development Theory is the process of organizing human energies to achieve a higher level of success and therefore greater results. The idea is to achieve an increased amount of human potential.

            Brain Based Learning
            Brain-based learning is a learning theory that is based entirely on the structure of the brain and how it functions. Essentially, brain-based learning means that as long as the brain is not inhibited in anyway, the brain is able to learn through normal processes.

            Photography and Early Education
            It used to be that many young children had Brownie cameras, but that was a time when film and developing were relatively expensive and they were treasured and used infrequently. With the advent of digital photography and inexpensive cameras, photography can become a learning tool from an early age.