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            Education Bug - a complete listing of educational resources

            In School Resources

            A collection of articles about education resources within schools, such as support staff, including counselors, and school libraries.

            In School Resources Articles

            School Counselors: Not Just Schedule Changers
            School counselors are not just schedule changers: the role of the school counselor has drastically changed. They still help with schedule changes but have a much broader job. Keep reading to learn more about school counselors.

            School Counselors and Students with Special Needs
            School counselors can serve a variety of students with special needs, assisting students who are gifted and talented, migrant students, and students with learning disabilities. There are also specially trained special education counselors in some states.

            Guidance Counselor
            Guidance counselors deal with issues of the student as a person: physical and emotional development, family situation, interpersonal interactions at school, and goals and aspirations. This article tells more about what a guidance counselor does.

            Student Support
            Student support is an important consideration for any new college student. Read this article to learn about student support relating to health, finances, course selection, multicultural student support, and navigating the campus and the university's website.

            School Library
            A school library is a library that is housed within an elementary, middle, or high school. Many towns and cities have school libraries in addition to public libraries. This article provides some basic information about what one can expect in a school library.

            College Library
            A college library is a standard facility for the undergraduate students at a college or university. This article gives an overview of today’s college library. A college library may have other important sections, but this article reviews some of the main ones.

            Types of Public School Educational Support
            What types of educational support are available in a typical public school outside of classroom instruction?  Here is an overview of some other school services.

            The Race to the Top
            The Race to the Top offers educational grants to States willing to adopt and meet certain education standards, in an effort to provide higher education opportunities. This article explains the selection criteria for Race to the Top and Common Core State Standards Initiative.

            Multiple Intelligence Theory
            Multiple Intelligence Theory is a theory that suggests traditional methods of testing intelligence might be biased to certain types of individuals. The Multiple Intelligence Theory states there are various types of learning that are dependent upon the individual.

            Box Tops for Education Review
            In this Box Tops for Education review, you can learn about the Box Tops for Education program and how you and your child's school can benefit from using the Box Tops for Education program. There are tons of products that use the Box Tops for Education program. Keep reading to learn more.